Who we are

From the love of friends, from the care of guests and from all the aspects that define the character of doRis, in 2010 doRis was born to offer the service and quality of a world-class restaurant.
At that time, the capacity of doRis was increased with the annexation of adjacent space and the modernization of its recently enlarged kitchen by Antonio Barigelli, who managed the restaurant from 1970 to 2010 at the very same address on Via delle Carrozze. Which is to say the staff of the dining room and the character of the cuisine were carefully chosen by a restaurateur with an expertise developed over many years of continuous experience and that the time interrupted only to follow this new adventure.

It is for this reason exactly that we say that doRis was born in 2010 but carries with it the expertise of 40 years.

The kind of atmosphere that one experiences at doRis is clearly in line with that of doBar: elegant and cultured, yet familiar and informal. The mostly traditional Italian cuisine is punctuated with seasonal Roman dishes and generous portions of fresh fish.

The type of clients that frequent doRis, like the bar from which it was born, is a combination between those who live in the old city center as resident tourists remaining faithful to the restaurant at the end of the day, those who live nearby and those who work each day near the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti or the surrounding area.
Research continues to be pushed forward at doRis, as well as the union between the various influences inside. In this way, sharing the age-old tradition of customary roman cuisine and all of its strong points with a more international style that demands the simplicity and freshness of its raw ingredients, like the fish of the day,
The aesthetic style of doRis is a distinct cross-pollination of a traditional Roman trattoria with an upscale contemporary chic. In this way, natural wood accents invoke a warm and inviting atmosphere while the segmented ceiling connotes intriguing deconstructionist flair.

What has been voluntarily excluded in the organic development of doRis is the subordination to a stereotype on a single screen—where the presence of one element invariably dictates the absence of another—or worse still, a slavish following of fashionable trends in cuisine, presentation and the management of activities.
The cornerstone on which doRis is founded and the guiding principle in its choice of aesthetics, as well as its day-to-day operations is the desire to privilege—above all else—those rare moments of reflection and refreshment; to create an environment in which the spirit basks in a familiar and friendly atmosphere while the body is nourished with unpretentious and generously portioned dishes.